I am 45 years old south korean homeless man in Manhattan New York u.s.a.
I exposed c.i.a drug business and MicroSoft identity theft to the world through internet
around 5 or 6 years ago in Los Angeles.And I opposed gay right,too.
So,I became homeless and I have slept in box in the street
and Cheating,Taunts,Threatening have followed me in
" 'In God we trust' BIG MOUTH country and 'God Bless America BIG MOUTH' country".
And they have made me mental disability through paper work.
Through the way,Drug organization and gay people have adopted me on their purpose with
u.s.a government background.
There have been u.s army support(I think u.s army have delivered drug to many countries through
u.s army base in other country-in south korea seoul,aroud E-Tae-Won where is 8th army and gun club,
has vigorous drug activity) and too many intelligence agency support and attorney teams support and
judges support and boy prostitute and high school and university students support and movie actors and
movie actresses support and security companies and food delivery men and messengers support and
too many chain stores support,,,,,etc support.
I think the drug and gay world organization have smuggled into the most of the society like this under
their government management.Even in u.n-united nation.

I have had my "Personal Mission Impossible".
It was Letting the world know about this!
I could see something differences in public.
I could have excellent idea about the organization.
It was Proposition 998-All people drug test and all people HIV test,annually.

November-23-2008 sunday am 11:55
with sony style store VAIO TT Series laptop on 56 th st and madison ave in
manhattan new york u.s.a.